My 1st Experience at the Chiropractor for PCOS: Acupuncture and NAET Treatment

NAET Acupuncture Treatment

Saturday was my very first experience at the chiropractor for PCOS! I decided to go with a doctor who has a track record of being really helpful to women with infertility issues, and because my dear friend Shontel insisted that I go to him. 😉 I wanted to share my experience during the visit and during the first 24 hours after the visit.

When I first got into the exam room, I shared my history with the doctor. He was very attentive and seemed to have all the right questions to ask. Then he explained to me that he wanted to do a treatment called NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique). I’m not even entirely sure I can explain this in layman’s terms, but I am going to try. NAET is used to identify what your body is resistant to, which is basically your brain telling your body such things. With NAET, the doctor identifies the allergens, then scrambles those brain signals via your spinal column so your brain doesn’t think you’re allergic anymore.

I admit, when I first started reading about this, I thought it was a joke. Like some kind of weird scam.

When performing NAET, the doctor had me lay on my back on a table. My right arm was to my side, palm up. My left arm was straight up in the air. He pushed on my left arm and I was able to resist him pushing it down. I could tell he was really trying, too. In my right hand, he’d place a vial that contained one thing at a time – sometimes it was a food, sometimes it was a hormone. Each time he placed a vial in my hand, he’d push on the arm that was straight up. If I could resist him, it meant that I was receptive to that item in my hand. If I couldn’t resist him and my arm went down, it meant that my body was resistant to that item.

Ya’ll. This was really strange. I’m not that crunchy… I mean, I do prefer a lot of natural things but this was just mind blowing to me.

But it turned out to make a lot of sense. And to be true.

The list of hormones that I am resistant to is pretty comical… he literally checked for everything: FSH, LH, estrogen, progesterone, etc. Oh, HCG is on the list, too. All of them made me weak. There was also a large chunk of food items, including many PCOS offenders, such as oats. Once he identified these, he put all of the allergen vials into a jar and had me hold it while he ran some sort of vibrating contraption up and down my spine. I feel like he did something else I am totally forgetting…

Then, we went to do acupuncture.

Acupuncture was definitely the weirdest experience… ever. It didn’t hurt much, only a few of the needles hurt, but overall it was fine. He did about 15 needles – 1 in the top of my head, 1 in each hand, 1 on each foot, and the rest in my abdomen. Once they were placed, I relaxed for what felt like forever, while holding that jar of allergens. When it was all over, he removed all the needles and I was able to keep him from pushing my left arm down while my right hand held the jar. He tried three times and every time I was able to resist him.

After acupuncture, I felt fine. I was a little dizzy and felt kind of strange, but overall I was fine. About 2 hours later, I felt like I had been hit by a bus. I was so completely exhausted… Over the next 25 hours I had to massage some pressure points on my body every 2 hours, except when sleeping overnight. I felt like my ovaries were waking up – they were definitely hurting. The next morning, I woke up and felt so sick. Like, full on allergy sick… I did NOT expect that. It’s not very common to react like that, but apparently it happens, and it is proof that I am sensitive to acupuncture, which means it works for me and might be a great treatment option for my PCOS. It seriously took me by surprise. I didn’t feel like that all day – mainly in the morning. By the time church was over, I felt a lot better. Since then, I’ve been fine.

That’s my first experience with NAET and acupuncture for PCOS. Would I do it again? Absolutely. Do I trust this guy? Yes. He didn’t push anything on me, a frequency for appointments, supplements, nothing at all. He only suggested I use natural progesterone cream when necessary for my cycles. In fact, he told me to stop taking my supplements for now, so I’m only taking my prenatals at the moment. His goal is to make it so I don’t need them at all… how nice that would be. I’ll listen to him for now. 😉 If I wasn’t going to him, I’d increase them, but since I plan to rely on him for a while, I’ll listen. I plan on going monthly at a minimum. I haven’t scheduled my next appointment yet because I am waiting to see how much this first visit is going to cost me. I don’t have a co-pay with my insurance, it’s just 80% on me until I hit my deductible, so we’ll see what they say.

So there you have it. Have any of you ever done NAET, specifically for PCOS? Did it work for you?



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    Amy says

    Hi Jessi,

    Thanks so much for sharing… I’ve just run across your website and strangely enough I am just heading to my first acupuncture appointment next week with a chiropractor for PCOS related infertility. I have been going to a fertility clinic and am starting my first round of Clomid this week as well. I know that my lining is thin as well, so I am doing the acupuncture to assist with the Clomid. After reading your post on increasing uterine lining I grabbed most of the other things you suggested too, and also tried a castor oil with heat pack tonight. Only issue I have is the chiropractor seems kinds of… upset? .. that I’m taking Clomid. I prefer natural as well but am doing the Clomid at the suggestion of the fertility doctor. So many differing opinions! I’m hoping the acupuncture in COMBO with the Clomid will do something. Anyways…. I’m sure you get lots of infertility stories in the comments :) Would love to hear updates about how the acupuncture works for you. Thanks for all your great advice!

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      Jessi says

      Hey there! Thanks for taking time to comment, and good luck to you this cycle! I’m all for doing a combo… in fact, my chiro said he often works with women going through IUI – they come to see him before the IUI and also before transfers when he sees women who are going through IVF. I do plan on going to see this doctor again once I know how much it’ll cost me. 😉 Good luck!

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    Christina says

    Hi Jessi,

    Thank you for sharing! I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS and am more inclined to try to find a holistic and natural solution in trying to conceive our first baby.

    I noticed that you wrote about your initial visit in August. Could you please share what your thoughts and experiences are so far? Any information you can share will be so much appreciated!


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      Jessi says

      Hi Christina! I haven’t been back because they haven’t told me how much that first visit was going to cost yet, which is odd. I got a “This is Not a Bill” from my insurance and it claimed I would owe over $150 for that one visit, and I can’t do that 2x/month like I was hoping… so I haven’t been back because I don’t even have the actual bill for the first visit. I am hoping to return though, maybe monthly, come January…


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