Recap: Trip to Florida [2014]

Well, we survived.

Our first trip without Zoey was lovely and wonderful. We did miss her greatly, especially when we went to the beach for the wedding rehearsal and again on the actual day. She had a ton of fun with her Aunt Misty though, and that made our trip without her so much easier. We did FaceTime every day (sometimes twice a day) as well as talked on the phone and that really helped a lot. I wanted to do a photo recap of the weekend. My little cousin Stephanie and I were close friends as kids. I used to fly down every summer for a few weeks and stay with Grandma Faye, which meant I got lots of play time in with cousin Stephie. Grandma called us Stephala (or Stephie) and Jessi Belle. So for me, this trip was so special. Seeing her get married was a huge highlight for me and I am so thankful that Glenn and I were able to share this day with her and Danny.

Stephie and Danny, congratulations! We love you guys!

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    Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time, and your cousin’s wedding looks like it turned out beautifully! I know you are happy to be back home and with Zoey though!

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