LWM: Tips for Nailing a Job Interview

Today’s post over at Liberating Working Moms is all about tips for helping you nail a job interview. These are only a handful of things that I believe benefited me when I was pursing my second dream job that is starting on June 2. I’m sure I can come up with a part 2 to this post. For now, check it out:

Five Things To Help You Nail That Job Interview

If you’re not already following LWM, please consider it! There is a handful of contributing writers and they all bring a unique voice to the blog. Plus, Tracy is always looking for guest posts. So fellow moms, consider sending something in! This isn’t just for office moms. Work At Home Moms (WAHM) also contribute regularly. Something to think about. 😉 I know some of ya’ll can write… just sayin’!



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    Such good timing for this post! I have a friend who is a recent graduate, and is having a hard time landing a job. She is a great worker, but says that she absolutely DOES NOT interview well. Can’t wait to share your post with her!

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      Jessi says

      So glad I could help!! I understand, it is SO hard when you first get out there. I have a feeling this post will have a follow-up in a couple weeks. I can come up with five more items for sure.

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