Quick Update: Maca & L-Arginine are Working (I Think)

Ladies, I wanted to give you a really quick update on how Maca and L-Arginine are working for me. My last medicated cycle was January when we did 150mg of Clomid. Since then, I started taking Maca and L-Arginine daily in hopes to naturally reset my cycles a bit, improve egg quality and heal my uterine lining while we’re on a TTC break. I also do raw Royal Jelly during the first half of the cycle since it’s really just for egg quality, I don’t want to waste it, I guess. While I can’t speak 100% on egg quality and uterine lining since I’m not being monitored via ultrasound, I can tell you this: I’m having natural cycles. This is kind of a big deal for someone with PCOS.

My first cycle after Clomid was 32 days.

My second cycle after Clomid was 40 days.

My third cycle after Clomid was 29 days.

So basically, 2/3 of my cycles post-Clomid have been textbook perfect. That middle one wasn’t too bad though. This is a really big deal for someone with PCOS, who used to not have natural cycles on her own. I’m hoping the second cycle post-Clomid was a fluke and that I’ll continue on a better path. I’m going to continue to take Maca and L-Arginine daily for a few more months and will report back on how that’s going after a few more cycles. I also just ordered the Royal Jelly in a capsule format to see if I can swallow them. It’s made by the same brand I always buy and so far, their capsules have all been the same size so I am hopeful that they are tolerable. I’ve gotten used to how the pure, raw jelly tastes but it’s still a little weird to me. I’ll finish out the jar and then move on to the capsules once they arrive.

That’s it for me! Since I’m moving onto a new job on June 2, I’m going to hold off longer on any medical help with TTC. I might wait until this fall. For now, we’re obviously not preventing because, well, there’s nothing to really prevent, ha. I am hopeful for a miracle. I hope and pray I can be a living testimony to Maca and L-Arginine leading to pregnancy, but I won’t be too let down if it doesn’t happen.



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