She’s Turning 4


My only child is turning 4 in 20 days with a party coming up in 18, which means I have been in full party planning mode. I was talking to a friend the other night about how I like to go all out for Zoey’s birthday parties because she’s all I’ve got. I knew from the beginning that she could be an only child, although not by choice, I knew it was possible. Hopefully that won’t really be the case for our family. However, this whole “only child” thing means making Zoey feel super special as much as I can, especially when it’s her birthday. I admit that I love planning parties and this honestly gives me a good excuse to plan, plan, plan and pin away on Pinterest until my fingers bleed (not really, but close).

When she turned 3, she had a Rapunzel party and she was delighted! She wore her costume and was the cutest little princess. When she turned 2, we did a Lollipops & Lemonade theme, which was a sugar rush if you’ve ever seen one! That was seriously the BEST birthday weekend because the day after her party we took her to see Veggie Tales LIVE, which was her first LIVE stage experience and she loved it. Her first birthday was just cutesy with owls and lots of teal and pink. Ya know, pre-Pinterest.

This year, we are going for a Mermaid theme!


Not necessarily Ariel, although she will make an appearance. I’m focusing more on “under the sea”. I am loving all of the teals, purples and pearly whites we’re collecting for the decor. Between Walmart and Dollar Tree (and borrowed donations from family), we’re coming up with some great stuff that doesn’t cost a lot! Of course, I still have stuff to make. Time is ticking.

I absolutely cannot wait for her special day. After her party, we are taking her to the Aquarium restaurant at Opry Mills Mall. She has never been and I think she will freak out when she sees that she gets to eat her popcorn shrimp next to sting rays, sharks, Nemo, Dory and possibly a scuba diver. To wrap up the whole mermaid theme, we bought her this amazing pop-up book done by Robert Sabuda, who is a phenomenal artist. You may remember me mentioning the Wizard of Oz pop-up book we got her for Christmas. Well, his list of pop-up art includes a rendition of The Little Mermaid. It seemed like an obvious gift choice for our little Peach.

When the party is over, I’ll be sure to share a photo update of how it went. I’ve been pinning all sorts of ideas on Pinterest. Please check out my board and if you come across anything that you think I need to see, please send me a link in the comments! I could use some more ideas for games and things for the kids to do. Preferably things I can make or that are thrifty. 😉

My Pinterest Board: zoey’s 4th birthday – mermaids!



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    Katie says

    Abi Kate’s birthday party this year was princess themed, but she adores Ariel so it was a little more mermaid focused. We hired an Ariel to come in and the girls had lots of fun! Hope Zoey has fun! Age four was one of my favorites when I was teaching :)


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