The Ultimate Camping Checklist

The Ultimate Camping Checklist

This year, we are determined to go camping twice before we go to Disney World (!!!) in October. I’m the kind of person who loves to plan, if you haven’t noticed yet… if I’m not planning one thing, I’m planning something else. Meal planning, birthday parties, holiday activities, get-togethers with friends, etc. If it needs to be planned, I’m planning it.

The last time we went camping as a family was a blast! I had camped several times in my life, but last summer was the first time we had actually been as a family, and it was Zoey’s first camping experience in her life. Since then we have gotten our own tent and an assortment of additional camping necessities. This got me thinking… how nice would it be to have the ultimate camping checklist all printed, in a plastic sleeve, that you can just take a dry erase marker to before each trip, and then easily wipe off to use again and again.

It’s an OCD planner’s dream, I tell you!

The list could contain the things you always already have on hand that are obvious (tent, sleeping bags, etc), as well as the things you need to make sure you stock up on before each trip (first aid supplies, food, etc). No one likes to go camping without everything they need. No one wants to have to go into town to a local Walmart because they forgot the most basic necessities. A list is needed! A dry-erase list is a necessity!

I wanted to share this camping checklist with you in a handy dandy printable! This may contain some things that you don’t want or need. You may have items that you can’t live without and need to add to this. You’ll also notice this is more specific to camping on campgrounds or in State parks, not back road camping. Either way, I hope that if you like to go camping (or really want to like it) you find this useful as a starting point. This list is practical for camping with a small child – if you have a toddler or baby, you’ll have a whole separate section of list to compile. I hope this at least inspires you to get organized for camping!

Here is a peek at the camping checklist:

Camping Checklist Page 1

Download the complete 2-page document here:

The Ultimate Camping Checklist

What can you absolutely not live without when you go camping?


LWM: 5 Tips for Working Mom Meal Planning

Today over at Liberating Working Moms, I’ve shared 5 tips that help me with meal planning as a working mom! I only have so much time between work, focusing on spending extra time with Zoey, blogging, cooking, church activities, etc. To me, meal planning is so vital to family function – not only keeping you accountable with healthy meals, but also keeping you financially responsible because things are planned. Please check it out and share if you have any meal planning tips I should know about!

These tips aren’t just for working moms – these are great for anyone to consider!

I’ve talked to a lot of working moms about meal planning and I’m often surprised by how many say they are intimidated by it, that they can’t do it, or they just laugh at me. Meal planning isn’t just for pinning on Pinterest to forget about later. It really is a reachable goal for your family if you keep things simple and realistic.

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When People are Just Plain Mean

I was really excited when I woke up yesterday morning to learn that my post for Babble was syndicated on ABC News online! How exciting!

ABC News Screenshot

But my mistake when I started looking at the comments section on ABC News. Ouch.

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Babble: When Your Child is Begging for a Sibling…

I don’t normally post on Saturdays, but THIS I just had to!!!

I’m sooo excited to share with you all a guest post I did for on my experience with Zoey begging for a sibling, and how infertility still hurts, even in motherhood. Please take a peek and feel free to comment over there. I’m so excited for this opportunity!

My daughter Zoey is rapidly approaching her 5th birthday, which means she’s at that stage when she asks a lot of questions. No, really … a lot of questions.

The line of questioning changes direction as quickly as the crayon strokes across her paper, but one thing has been consistent for the last three years: she wants a sibling. More specifically, she wants a sister.

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When Your Child is Begging for a Sibling You Can’t Give


A Little Woman

My little Zoey is getting closer and closer to turning five and it’s killing me.

Zoey Being Cute

My one and only little girl, the only child in our lives, our little peach and miracle baby… is no longer a baby. She’s growing into a little woman and I’m constantly in awe of who she is becoming.

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Snow-pocalypse 2015 and Thankfulness

Here in Middle Tennessee, we’re experiencing yet another ice storm!


Day 1 – this was all sleet. It had not snowed at our house yet… just sleet.

Sunday night we had sleet all night at our house, and it continued into the first half of Monday before switching to snow that night. That much ice means the roads are completely treacherous. Snow on top of it means the snow just blends in and cakes everything even more.

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It’s a Valentines Day Giveaway! {With Great Expectation}

My friends, I’m so incredibly STOKED to partner with Logan at With Great Expectation for this adorable PCOS-inspired giveaway for Valentines Day. The giveaway starts today and runs through next Friday, February 20. Logan will announce the winner on her blog.

My cysters, we are giving away 3 items that you’re going to love:


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