LWM: 5 Benefits (and 1 Drawback) of Standing Desks

Today on Liberating Working Moms, I’m sharing my experience with converting my desk at work from a sitting desk to a standing desk. So far, I love it!

…When I returned to work, sitting was not an option. Even though the injury was across the top of my back, sitting made it so much worse. Standing felt a lot more comfortable, and I knew I needed to change my desk set-up, even if it would be temporary. My employer was so incredibly accommodating. They did what they could to give me a temporary fix, knowing that I could be stuck in a 2-8 week healing window…

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eBay: 5 Staples You Need to Dress Like a Duchess on a Budget

I was given another great opportunity to write a paid post for eBay through BlogHer and of course I jumped on it! However, I have to admit, these sorts of posts are way outside of my comfort zone. I am not a fashion blogger by any means… I’m normally one to just wear whatever I want and I really don’t care what anyone else thinks. I’ve always had the mindset that if you’re not my husband, then the opinion doesn’t matter. I dress modestly and comfortably, and mix it up between plain jane, boho chic, pop princess… it just depends on my mood and the occasion!

I decided to channel my inner duchess and use Kate Middleton as my muse for this fashion post. She’s chic, posh, classy, and I just love the way she dresses! This made writing a fashion post a little bit easier for me.

So, without further ado, please check out my eBay post:

5 Staples You Need to Dress Like a Duchess on a Budget


Sometimes You Just Need to Stop… Smell the Roses… and Get Strep!


That cold I ranted about?

I finally went to get checked out when I realized on Monday “Oh, I’m on day 10 of feeling cruddy….” Turns out that cold turned into strep at some point over the weekend. I really thought I was getting better!!!!!

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Dear January {2015}

Dear January,

So far, we’ve really started 2015 off on the wrong foot. What gives?! First, I injure my back. Recovery has been less than stellar, but hey, it could be worse, right?

As soon as I start feeling slightly better, I come down with a nasty cold. And I mean, NASTY. What a week it has been! Goodness gracious, I need a bubble. Apparently I don’t have a close enough relationship with my hand sanitizer or Lysol. This cold has made rounds at work and has finally landed on me. I can’t breathe, I’m hacking up stuff that I’m not meant to see, and I’m experiencing vertigo.

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Eating for PCOS: Grilled Eggplant Parmesan {Mozzarella!}

Eggplant Parmesan final

I love eggplant parmesan like nobody’s business, but how it is traditionally prepared is SO bad for you. Normally, you bread and fry the eggplant slices in olive oil before layering them between beds of tomato sauce, lots of parmesan and mozzarella cheese, and drizzling with more olive oil. My mom recently made it for our family, and while we all devoured it and it brought back very fond memories of my Grandma Faye, I could literally feel my arteries pulsing with olive oil and cheese. I figured it was time for a revamp since we love eggplant (even Zoey will inhale it!), and it is so easy to find in the grocery store this time of year. I don’t even think it’s in season right now, but man has it been easy to find and they are gorgeous!

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Vasa Previa Success Story: Jennifer Morovic

You guys! I am so incredibly excited to share with you the FIRST guest post of a vasa previa survivor! I am planning on collecting as many as possible to share here, so that when other women face the same situations as us, they have hope. These stories are ONLY of survival. We all know how vasa previa can end… what we need on Dr. Google is more survival.

Jennifer and I were connected through Soul Cysters. We emailed a lot during her hospital stay and really connected because our stories are so very similar.

I hope you enjoy her guest post. Please leave her some love in the comments, and be sure to check out the Vasa Previa Success Stories page here on Life Abundant! If you know someone who has survived a vasa previa pregnancy, please have them contact Life Abundant to be featured!

My Vasa Previa Success Story:

Defying the Odds

by Jennifer Morovic

To fully understand the true success story that this is, I have to start at the beginning of our journey to have a baby.

Jessi and I have more in common than our vasa previa pregnancies–we both have PCOS as well. PCOS symptoms vary, but for me it caused long, non-productive cycles. We tried naturally to conceive for over a year. After learning more about fertility and my health issues, we decided to speak with a specialist. After a barrage of uncomfortable tests, we proceeded with treatment. Our first cycle was a bust. I didn’t respond to Femara. I was crushed but we looked to the future. Our second attempt with Femara worked, and because I so desperately wanted this cycle to be successful, I took Ovidrel and we underwent IUI. I found out I was pregnant in November of 2012. We were overjoyed! After 2 plus years of trying, we were pregnant!

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