Fertility Conference, Day 11 – Lindsey: To keep going, or to give up?


Today starts the third and final week of the Bloggers Fertility Conference hosted by Miss.Conception Coach. Thank you all for reading these posts. I’ve really enjoyed the different perspectives and the glimpses into different journeys of infertility. Today’s post is from Lindsey at Our (In)Fertility Journey and she is sharing the brutally honest truth of wanting to give up…

Can I ask a favor?

Please go read her post and leave her a lot of love and encouragement. Let her know I sent you. My heart broke as I read her words. But this is the truth for a lot of women… infertility can be so incredibly difficult to deal with. We have to find joy in other areas of life so we don’t focus too much on the brokenness. But, it can be hard. Really hard. And every woman’s struggle is different. Read Lindsey’s story and you’ll see what I mean. And please, send her some encouragement:

Tonight I had an appointment with Dr. John for my chiro needs, but I of course mentioned to him what has been going on with the RE stuff. The fact that I am having to induce this upcoming cycle, the fact that I am all but ready to give up and also the fact that I feel like all these natural meds have only given me an extra oily face and oily scalp! Ughh it’s horrible, I cannot tell you the last time I had to use those oil blotter sheets but I am currently using these on an almost daily basis. I hate it. Since I have been unable to get my blood work done until day 1 of my cycle (hopefully that will be in the next 5 days), I have no idea what exactly these meds are doing. I feel like they are just playing a little game with my hormones, like haha we are gonna give you several symptoms but not actually fix your problem…

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Fertility Conference, Day 10: Lindsey – Who Are You?

We are concluding week 2 of the Bloggers Fertility conference. It looks like we have 1 more week of content coming up for you, so stay tuned! I know you guys aren’t used to seeing daily posts from me, and I apologize if you feel like your inbox is blowing up with posts, but since this is a daily conference (week days) I at least wanted to give all of the writers a little extra push for their hard work.


Today’s post is from Lindsey who blogs at Awaiting Autumn and I love it so much! Her words are so encouraging as she reminds us all that our infertility does not define us – we are so much more than our diagnosis. Be sure to check out her post and leave her some love…

Hey you!

Yes – YOU!

I know you have been feeling…







You are so much more than a diagnosis.

Infertility affects you. Don’t let it define you.

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Fertility Conference, Day 9: Logan – 5 Reasons I Am Thankful for PCOS


Today’s Miss.Conception Coach Fertility Conference post is brought to you by Logan from With Great Expectation. I love her perspective on why she has reasons to be thankful for PCOS. Thankful! If you have PCOS and are stuck in mud with it, take a moment to read her post and be inspired. She makes some GREAT points…

A couple of years ago, it would have been difficult for me to come up with even the first reason I should bethankful for PCOS. Polycystic ovaries, anovulation, amenorrhea, infertility, hair where it shouldn’t be, extra pounds where I wish they weren’t, blood sugar levels that spike with just the thought of an ice cream cone, or even a piece of homemade bread…

But now that I am able to hold my miracle baby in my arms, watch her grow, watch her sleep, and watch her learn, I can look back on my experience with infertility and see that there was, and still is, so much good to be found there.

I still have PCOS. I am still infertile. I am still undergoing additional fertility treatments.

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Fertility Conference, Day 8: Caroline – On Being Vulnerable


Today is day 8 of the Bloggers Fertility Conference hosted by Miss.Conception Coach and this post by Caroline from In Due Time is something that speaks volumes on behalf of all of us who blog about our lives, especially for those of us who are infertility bloggers. Blogging is so scary – it puts the writers under a glass house, and while we have the power to edit whatever we want out of what we have to say, we often find that we hit that “publish” button and leave it all in before crawling under a blanket and hiding, waiting for that first comment to come through. I love Caroline’s blog and have been a long-time reader of her journey. Please check out her post on vulnerability and leave her some love…

I have always been a very open person. I’ve never had a problem sharing my heart with others. But after entering the blog and social media world and putting my life out there for others to read and see, it has definitely made me feel vulnerable. Many times, I want to crawl in a hole after hitting ‘publish’ on a blog post. In fact, that is how I feel about this post.

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Fertility Conference, Day 7: ME! {What PCOS Feels Like}


Today is day 7 of the Bloggers Fertility Conference and my blog post on What PCOS Feels Like is the featured post! Many of you probably remember this post from PCOS Awareness Month – it’s gotten quite a bit of traffic since it first published. It’s sad that so many women can relate to it, but I’m also glad that the internet has provided a way for us to connect together and support each other.  If you haven’t read my post yet, please check it out! It is an honor to get to participate in this online fertility conference. I hope you’re all enjoying the diversity of posts as much as I am. Here my version of PCOS:

With it being PCOS Awareness Month, I feel like I should focus more on sharing the cold hard truth of PCOS and what it’s like to live with it daily, as well as ways that we can combat it. I’ve shared before that it’s very important to understand that PCOS looks very different for every woman. This post is what PCOS looks like for me, the day-in and day-out of living with it month to month. I’m an estrogen-dominant PCOSer, weak in progesterone, and thankfully low in testosterone, which tends to be a big trigger for most women.

This is what PCOS feels like… for me. This post is to bring awareness to this syndrome that so many people simply do not understand. They think it’s just the infertility side of things, but don’t quite realize how truly uncomfortable every day can be with PCOS.

This is my life.

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Fertility Conference, Day 6: Chrissy – The DNA Decision {Donor Embryos}


We are officially into week 2 of the Bloggers Fertility Conference hosted by Miss.Conception Coach! It looks like we’ll have 3 weeks worth of content to share with you all, which is pretty great if you ask me. I have been enjoying all of the different perspectives of infertility, the different stories that bring us all together, and the great support all of these ladies have been showing each other. I’m so thankful to be a part of it!

Today’s post is brought to you by Chrissy from 31 Chances and she is sharing her experience with donor embryos and actually meeting her donor. This post brought tears to my eyes – it’s so beautiful in every way. Please read it and leave her some love:

When we dream of having our own children, we wonder how our looks and personality will pass down to our baby. Will they have our nose, our eye color or hair color? Will they laugh like us, look like us, smile like us? Maybe she will be my strawberry-blond mini-me bringing on comments from friends saying, “she’s so cute, she looks just like you!” But how does this all change and how do we accept that this type of dream is gone, when the genetics are not ours? How do we decide to move forward with the journey to baby when we can’t have “our” baby? Surprisingly, the decision turned out to be quite simple.

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