How to Make Perfect Peeps Smores

Roasting Peeps

Over Easter weekend, we decided to attempt roasting Peeps over a bonfire and making Peeps smores due to a little Pinterest inspiration. Let me back up and explain that I really can’t stand Peeps by themselves. I think they’re pretty gross, but I figured they have to taste good when they are hot, gooey, smokey, and smores-y, right?

Here’s the thing.

There is a trick to making Peeps smores.

First of all, I’m that person who prefers my marshmallows burnt… on fire, flaming, crispy on the outside, hot and gooey on the inside. If you are that kind of person, you need to understand one thing: Peeps do not taste good burnt. The sugar on the outside doesn’t take on the lightly crispy flavor you desire from a roasted marshmallow. It doesn’t caramelize like you’d imagine. It just plain burns and tastes like a mistake.


Once they hit a certain temperature, they melt extremely quickly and fall off your roasting stick.


When roasting Peeps, you have to watch carefully, my friends. Very carefully. Here are the rules:

1. Do not catch the Peep on fire. Once you do, it’s game over.

2. Keep the Peep high enough over the flames so that they are mildly dancing around the Peep, not engulfing it.

3. Turn the Peep frequently.

4. Watch closely. When you see the Peep starting to puff and turn brown, turn it over.

5. When the Peep is puffy and has some brown edges, remove from the fire and swiftly place between two graham crackers and chocolate (or a Reese’s cup. That’s good, too).

6. Scarf.

7. Thank me later.

That’s pretty much it. I enjoyed two – one with a Reese’s cup and one with the tried and true Hershey’s bar. Both were good, but I think I preferred the old fashioned chocolate. This is the only way you can get me to eat a Peep. Ever. I definitely plan on doing this every year!

Try it and let me know if you like it!

Or hate it. I won’t hold it against you.

For long.

Just kidding.


Peeps Smores


What’s in Zoey’s Easter Basket? [2014]

Easter Basket 2014

In response to my Easter series, I wanted to share with you all what we ended up putting inside Zoey’s Easter basket this year. I started collecting items and setting them aside as early as mid-March, before her 4th birthday. It helps with the budget big time when we space things out like that. I’ve never been a fan of the pre-fabricated Easter baskets you can find at Walmart or Target. I personally feel they lack a personal touch, so I find great joy in shopping for Zoey’s basket items over the course of a few paychecks. A few items here and there, and before I know it, we have a great basket and didn’t take a hit to the finances all at once. I do the same for her birthday and Christmas…

Side note, we normally re-use her eggs year after year to save money (she had about 35, ranging in sizes). However, this year I wanted to get some new ones, so we donated all her old ones to the church’s egg hunt! They also reuse them year after year and typically just collect candy donations, but we filled the eggs and donated them nice and full for the hunt.

Below is what we got our 4-year-old for Easter! I feel like we have a good variety of tangible/keeper items and yummies. ;) She received so many hand-me-down dresses that would work great for Easter so we did not buy a new one this year. There really was no need when she literally has five to choose from in her closet right now. Okay, I’m done rambling. Here is what is in her “basket”!

In lieu of a traditional basket, we went with our own personal tradition and got her a storage bin for her bedroom! Pink chevron cube bin: $6 @ Target (price online shows $6.99, but I got it for $5.99 in my local store.

Inside Eggs

  • Loose change for her piggy bank
  • Beaded hair ties: $4 @ Walmart (6 pk)
  • Mini Lalaloopsy characters: $6 @ Walmart (3 pk, so excited they fit in the eggs, too!)
  • Annie’s organic fruit snacks: $3 @ Target (box of 6 pks, split among eggs)
  • Cadburry creme eggs: $3 @ Target (4 pk)
  • Mini chocolate foil-wrapped bunnies: $1 @ Target (6 pk)

Outside of Eggs

  • Veggie Tales - MacLarry & the Stinky Cheese Battle DVD: $3.99 @ LifeWay (obv. on a HUGE sale!)
  • Crayola letter learning and sight words flash cards: 2 packs, $1 each @ Dollar Tree
  • The First Easter Day, touch and feel board book: $7 @ LifeWay (on sale. Even at age 4, she still loves board books)
  • Target $1 Bin Items: pink Slinky Jr., Annie’s organic bunny crackers (single serve), 2 pocky dip packs, 4-pk glitter glue, chocolate bunny on a stick
  • Grow Your Own Sunflower kit: $3 @ Target
  • Lalaloopsy band-aids: $2 @ Walmart (as soon as she spotted this, she was looking for a booboo to put one on)
  • Crazy straws: $0.98 @ Walmart (split a 6-pk between her basket and her cousin’s, so she got 3)
  • 3 packs of glow stick bracelets: $0.98 each @ Walmart (5 pk)
  • Neon dry erase markers: $4 @ Walmart (4 pk)
  • Dry eraser: $3 @ Walmart
  • Scissors: $3 @ Walmart (these are specifically safe for training 4-year-old children)
  • Peeps on a stick: $2 @ Target

That’s it! My favorite item is the Grow Your Own Sunflower kit. Zoey loves to watch things grow – it brings her great joy to see how she contributed to nurturing something from a seed to a plant. I love it because it means she’s very interested in helping me with my vegetable garden in the summer! She definitely appreciates how things grow, so this was my personal favorite item.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We had the best weekend, between spending Good Friday at home as a family, to the church’s egg hunt, to dinners and bonfires with family members. I’ll share a recap of how to make peeps smores work for you in my next post!


Shout Unto God! {Happy Easter}

The enemy has been defeated
Death couldn’t hold You down
We’re gonna lift our voice in victory
We’re gonna make Your praises loud

Shout unto God with a voice of triumph
Shout unto God with a voice of praise
Shout unto God with a voice of triumph
We lift Your name up, we lift Your name up!


Infertility Inspiration on Spotify

I have a playlist on Spotify that I wanted to share with you guys. Actually, I have a lot of playlists on Spotify because I’m a bit of a music goon and love a little bit of everything, from contemporary Christian like All Sons & Daughters, to Radiohead, to Of Monsters and Men, to The Features (who will hold a special place in my heart forever), to Bon Iver, and everything in between. I think I have a playlist for every mood and every season.

That said…

There is one particular playlist I wanted to really share with you all that is titled Infertility Inspiration. It is comprised of songs that have picked me up when I feel knocked down by PCOS. Songs that keep me going when I desperately need a pick-me-up. Songs that help me power through a tough day at work when I am reading and writing all day long and need to mentally check out.

Check me out on Spotify if you are interested in listening to it. Heck, follow me and I’ll follow you. I love seeing what other people are listening to… music stalking. ;)

Jessi Wallace on Spotify

Spotify is free and a great way to listen to music before you commit to buying. You can make playlists like on iTunes or listen to an artist-inspired station like on Pandora. I love it. Hope to see you over there!

Any songs you think I should add to my Infertility Inspiration list?


We Will Love the Least of These

This video opened the sermon at church on Sunday and the moment I saw the little boy standing on the beach, I had tears in my eyes. I used a lot of energy to keep myself from completely sobbing during the whole video. It made me think of my dear friend, Shontel, who is pursuing adoption fiercely right now, anxiously awaiting a child from Ethiopia someday.


These could be our daughters and our sons.